Opening doors for you

Individuals & Small Groups

We run CLOSED-GROUP COURSES that are specially designed for private groups from companies & organizations – or even study-groups.

These courses offer many advantages:

  • Ultimate flexibility on content, times, frequency & group numbers
  • Significant discounts on our corporate rates for longer, pre-paid courses
  • Courses designed around the client’s specific professional requirements
  • Choice of locations*
  • Everything covered:

– General English
– Business English
– Exam preparation (e.g. LCCI, IELTS & TOLES)

Whether, for example, you want a short course just to help your employees with their Business English skills delivered in one 2-hour session per week, or perhaps a one-day preparation for key staff attending an important meeting, or maybe even an intensive 30-hour seminar in business writing delivered in over five days, we can help you. What we provide is determined by what you, the client, want. It’s as simple as that.

We also offer private sessions – one-to one or with a small group of your friends. If you are looking for an English course that is specifically tailored to your needs or to your timetable (or perhaps you need to develop your English skills quickly) then one of our INDIVIDUAL STUDY or EXAMINATION PREPARATION plans might be for you.

*Subject to conditions