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Business English

English is the international language of business. Today, most adult learners of English are professionals wishing to improve their English skills for reasons directly related to their work. These include

  • Improved performance in a workplace that involves or includes the use of English
  • Doing business with colleagues, clients and suppliers internationally
  • Attending courses or study for business qualifications
  • Improving their chances of promotion
  • Gaining a competitive advantage in the job market

This means that they do not have the time or money to spend on long courses. They need to learn quickly and cost-effectively. Much of the vocabulary, grammar and skills that we learn as part of a general English course may therefore be irrelevant. For example, negotiators must develop oral skills quickly, whereas people who spend their time drafting reports must focus on their writing skills.

At Key English, we recognize the importance of acquiring relevant and useful English skills quickly. Therefore, our business English courses are designed with the requirements of the 21st century professional in mind. We focus on the vocabulary and grammar that you actually need, and we enable you to develop the practical skills that will help you in your workplace, with visible and immediate results.

Therefore, our business English courses are SMART: specific in content, measurable so you see results quickly, achievable, relevant to your needs, and timely because that is always a factor.

Our business English courses include

  • Correspondence and report writing
  • Reading & analyzing business texts, incl. reports
  • Oral skills for meetings, negotiations & making presentations
  • Business vocabulary
  • Commonly-used grammatical structures

The above are just examples of what we cover, and the exact list will depend on your requirements.

When you finish your formal training program, our obligation to you doesn’t end. In addition to the regular feedback you will get while you study, we provide a no-extra-cost mentoring service where we will help you to get used to putting your skills into practice at work. If you have a problem writing an important letter, for example, we are an email or phone call away.

For more insight into the difference between business English and general English, click here.

In addition, we provide preparation for the following business exams:

  • London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI*)
  • Business English Certificate (BEC)


*Key English is an accredited LCCI centre.